Sunday, July 26, 2009

Machine Knit Kitchen Towels

Not quite art pieces, but they do the job: use up the stash AND new kitchen towels.

Kitchen towel all three

Machine: HK100
Pattern: Free from RadianLace
Stitch pattern: hand manipulated tuck every three needles alternating every three rows: two rows of tuck, one row plain knitting.
Yarn: Peaches and Creme 1 ball per towel. Except of the white and green one, for some reason I ran out of yarn way before I finished the body of the towel. I used white coned P&C.
Tension: 5.1
Others: I had to spray the yarn with upholstery silicone because the yarn was too dry to run smoothly through the machine.
Time per towel: aprox 30 minutes.
I knit four rows by hand, then hung on the machine, the 'button' was also knit by hand, easier and faster than dealing with a dangling towel from 6 stitches on the machine.

Here again my dislike for variegated yarn, it never fails, see those awful white spots?

Kitchen towel 1


fleegle said...

Wow-- you are ambitious! I can't imagine knitting towels. But then, I don't use them (paper towel person). They are very pretty, white spot and all :)

Laritza said...

Ambitious for wanting to use up the stash? < G >

lea-ann mcgregor, Knitting Today said...

like the towels. I'm trying to finish winding a warp so i can make some on my loom, didn't think of doing some machine knit ones. Thanks for sharing. And, the reason the variegated ran out, the balls are shorter!

ColetteS said...

Great use of stash! I inherited a bottomless stash of dishcloth cotton. I keep giving the stuff away and mysteriously, more keeps appearing!

Jane said...

I think those are really cute! I'm for anything that will use up the stash and weaving really does do that much faster than knitting LOL! Great work