Saturday, May 22, 2010

Drops jacket 106-3

This jacket was a joy to knit. It went fast too, just a couple of weeks. As always I lingered in finding the buttons, now its done.

Yarn Cascade wool 220 5 skeins and a bit.
Needles US 7
The instructions for these bobbles are interesting, instead of knitting all the stitches together in the return row, you knit three rows over three stitches and then knit them together. A lot easier on the hands than the traditional bobbles I had made.

The lace on the bottom is very pretty as well. Nothing too fancy, just enough to add some interest.

Drops patterns are full of interesting techniques. I have yet to find the first mistake in any of them. One thing that they do have to work on are the button bands in the models. Some of the pictures seem sloppy because of bad finishing techniques. That I blame on the knitter or who ever is in charge of the photography but not on the patterns.


Cheryl S. said...

Lovely! That's a fun pattern, isn't it?

The biggest problem I've had with the Drops patterns is that the shoulders are very wide, which ends up being sort of like a modified drop shoulder on me if I don't knit them a bit narrower. But otherwise, I really like them.

Jemajo said...

Your jacket turned out beautiful! Thanks for writing up the tip for doing bobbles this way - I can easily adapt this to machine knitting :D
I have the same problem as Cheryl S with Drops patterns being a little too broad on the shoulders.

fleegle said...

It's very handsome! And you did a wonderful job with it!

miyamojo said...

Beautiful jacket! :)

A well written pattern is priceless.

stitchin' girl said...

Lovely sweater and a very nice color!

Terri said...

Laritza, Your jacket is truly lovely! Congratulations! Love the color...