Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cheap cashmere

I do not know how true this article might be. The author does not quote the source of her information nor says how she came about it.
All I can say, is I sure hope its not true or at least exaggerated. IF, this is true, and this is what they are doing with the animals, I can not imagine what they are using for dyes and how they are disposing of the leftovers. Who is going to save the planet?

I have enough good old sheep wool, alpaca and blends to keep me going for several years and my stash does not include any of this questionable cashmere.


fleegle said...

I've heard rumors of this problem before, but nobody has actually given real references or links. I would be more inclined to believe that the cheap cashmere isn't cashmere at all. But there doesn't seem to be proof either way.

Bonnie said...

Sadly I think the cashmere situation is even worse. Here is a link http://www.ecologia.org/china09/supplychain.html