Monday, May 31, 2010

Rambouillet Fleeces

Two Rambouillet Fleeces, skirted, washed, carded by Spinderella and now hand spun. I have a bit over two pounds of the white one and 1 lb 11 oz of the brown one. Sorry for the dark part in the picture, I could not convince the brown to show up properly.

Part of the brown fleece was used for a jacket I knit for my husband a while back.
Spun with the Roberta electric spinner it is 15 wpi each skein is 8 oz.
I do not know the total yardage because some skeins where made while the yardage counter was out of service. I have yet to wash it and set the twist. Then it will sit quietly in a corner while we thing what it might become.

The initial plan was a stranded coat for me...but maybe it will just become plan C woven cloth with alpaca yarn for weft....we'll see. I don't think there is enough to go for plan B: a shadow weave blanket. I will have to use a different weft.

We'll see. I love processing fiber from hoof to cloth. This one is almost there.


fleegle said...

It looks soft and squishy...and nicely spun.

fleegle squints at the little picture....

Anonymous said...

Laritza, your site is lovely, I'm inspired to weave something with hand spun yarn. I enjoyed looking at your posts about knitting especially the lace one, it's beautiful.


Laritza said...

Thank you!
Your site inspires me as well.