Friday, June 04, 2010

Romney Kid Mohair Silk

Romney Kid Mohair Silk
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Romney 60%
Silk 20%
Kid Mohair 20%
Total: 8 oz of spinning beauty

Romney Kid Mohair Silk

I bought the Romney lamb and the Kid Mohair fleeces, and washed them. The silk was purchased at MW&S.

I hand blended it and tossed it around a bit.I have yet to card it and decide if I want to spin/cuddle/dye or sell it :)

I might end up selling some, with a whole lamb fleece and several Kid Mohair fleeces...there is only so much I can spin and use.

Maybe a combination of all the above is what I will end up doing


fleegle said...

Looks like yummy stuff! I take it you have a carder?

Laritza said...

Oh yes! I have a Patrick Green Electric Drum carder...there is NO way I would do it by hand. Life is too short!