Thursday, October 07, 2010

Random Thoughts

  • I can't weave now due to some health related issues that will soon resolve, for the same reason my knitting machines are still in the box.
  • The perfect table loom for me is yet to be found
  • I don't like variegated yarn
  • I have many many knitting needles except for the number and length I need for the next sweater
  • I hate blocking.....unblocked lace is ugly
  • Princess is in jail
  • I am working on 'the perfect' sock pattern
  • I love watching YouTube videos ...maybe my attention span is not long enough for anything longer?
  • Half of my stash is white lace yarn, the rest is sock and weaving yarn
  • I have lots of fiber to spin and love it all
  • I am working on the Dory shawl, lovely handspun yarn, I might even write a pattern
  • The next big project is a stranded cardigan....I just have to swatch and get the right needles
  • I found a wool mill 3 miles from my house, I will visit it today with a load of Shetland that needs to be carded
  • Spinning for the 'all colors, all wheels one loom blanket' has begun
  • I ordered a second end feed shuttle
  • I ordered knitting needles
  • I ordered a spool rack
  • I am spinning silk hankies, the yarn is so thin I have no idea how it will be plyed
  • ......I think I need to focus!


fleegle said...

Regardless of how many knitting needles you order, you still will not have the right size or length for the next project. It's the law.

Cheryl S. said...

Whew! Lots of random thoughts rattling around.
I hope you are back to weaving and knitting soon.

Melodye said...

Sorry you're not feeling well. Get well soon!

Terri said...

"......I think I need to focus!"

But there's in fun in that.