Sunday, November 28, 2010

Just about anything can be a fiber tool

things such as you might ask?

My friend Terri (aka the enabler) casually mentioned one day that she had gotten all these wood bobbins for sectional warping at a nearby store. She sent a picture and of course I gasped. The bobbins are antiques and I figured I would just do with my cardboard ones. I thought those were a one time find and there would no left overs for me. I forgot about it until one day that I went to said store (I am not saying where b/c I know for sure there are no more bobbins left now, sorry) and asked the store enabler if by any chance there could be more bobbins, I would love some. Store enabler said maybe not but maybe yes and how many would I need? Sixty, is the rods I have on my spools rack. Besides I think I will never ever weave anything above 60 epi. Enabler said he/she would look and see and call me. Next visit to the store, and no bobbins. This time, I did get enabler to write down my number and save it. I figured hope is the last thing ever to be lost.

What would you know! Last Friday I got a call saying my bobbins were ready and waiting for me! Yesterday morning bright and early I headed out in bobbin rescue mission.

They are wonderful! the core is walnut and the ends are some kind of industrial type plastic strong enough to resist falling on concrete floors at industrial mills and not breaking.

There was a slight problem, there was fine silk, used to weave men's ties on them, and of course they were not clean. Armed with a matt cutting knife the job of cutting the silk off went quite fast. Here is a sample of what was in the spools:


The silk is lovely and there are all kinds of lovely bright colors. It is making its way across country to Spinderella who will wash it, and turn it into beautiful Thrums. I will be getting a share of the Thrums roving but the bulk of it will be for her to sell. I know it will be lovely.

Here is a closeup of a bobbin, and the paper that wrapped the core and the two tools I used to cut it off:


Bobbins waiting in line, 65 total, I got a few spares just in case:


I got most of them done last night and left a few for today.

Here is where the dishwasher played it's roll. As instructed, I put them in the dishwasher. Perfect place to wash them. High temp water dry on demand. It did take two runs to get rid of the 'old smell'. Now they are nice and clean and will be used to put a long warp on one of the looms:


More bobbins make one happy weaver:

Sectional warp bobbins

ETA: Spools on the rack. They are a bit damp, sitting on the rack for a while will dry them out:

Spools on the rack


fleegle said...

I just lost my dinner. How could you cut off that beautiful silk, just waiting to be plied with gossamer handspun singles?

Hmmmf. I had to order silk that fine from India, and I'll be it isn't as nice as the stuff you just stabbed through the heart.


Terri said...

I am more than happy to return the favor. That's what enabling friends are for!!!