Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Grey Cardigan

It was 6 months before I got around to get the buttons on.
The pattern is from the UK magazine "The Knitter' I love the cables on it. After I finished it, I read somewhere, probably Ravelry that there are mistakes in the pattern.....oh well! I did not notice any and the I can see now big flaws in it.


Yarn: Cascade 220, five skeins
Needles US 7 for the body, US 6 for the ribbing.


Close up of the cables. Like them lots!

I am currently kind of out of knitting love. I am working on another self designed shawl using my handspun. It is black Merino and I am liking the results, but for some reason I don't seem to be knitting as much these days. I am up to other stuff soon to be revealed.

Stitch on! whatever type of stitches you are using, it keeps us sane.


fleegle said...

I don't see any flaws.

...fleegle peers around to the back of the picture and sees all the duct tape. Whoops.......

Laritza said...

But you did not have to tell EVERYBODY!
Come on! where is knitter's fellowship shield?

Cheryl S. said...

Flaws? We don't see any flaws. I think it looks great.