Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Corridale Fleece Challenge

May this year, Maryland Sheep and Wool, my two friends and I bought a bit over a pound of a lovely Corridale fleece. One of us does not spin due to health related issues. The challenge was to wash, prepare for spinning and spin the fleece into yarn. There are 6 skeins total, each one of us will get 2 skeins, one from each spinner, and make a finished item with it.
Here is my share and a little blurb of how I did it.
Sadly I do not have pictures of the fleece, or I might have but can't remember where now.

Three Skeins from OUR Fleece Drying

I received a bit over 8 oz of raw fleece and separated it in three lots of a bit under 3 oz each.
Handwashed the locks one by one.

First batch, I used a flicker.
Second batch, I used fine wool combs
Third batch, I used a dog comb.

Then spun each on the Majacraft Rose with the lace attachment. I used a Nostespine to make center pull balls because I did not want to risk making a mess with balls made with a ball winder. Plyed on the Majacraft wheel.

The first picture is the yarn drying.

This one is the three skeins:

Corridale Fleece2

Output weights:

The one that was flicked has 2.8 oz, the wool combs 2.6 oz and the dog comb 2.6 oz.

All three skeins look identical in weight and quality.

Now I will wait for the other spinner to finish hers, send out the yarn to the final recipients.
Once I receive my other skein, I will decide what to make with it. I am sure my yarn is bulky weight compared to the other spinner's yarn, it will be interesting to see what I can come up with.

As Daryl Lancaster said recently in her blog:
"I will take a pile of stuff and see where it takes me"
Only this is not just stuff, it is (in my eyes) beautiful, soft lovely yarn from a friendship fiber challenge.

Spin on!

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fleegle said...

Oh my. That looks luscious! Knit well with it!