Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Who needs a crochet hook?

Last week while at a meeting, I knitted the Dory yarn. It is a shawl, in memory of my loved Dory who passed away last May. I was spinning the yarn the day she died and I wanted to make something special to keep me warm.

I had 450 yds (6 ounces), casted on for a triangular shawl in stockinette stitch and knit until I had used up 60% of the total. The border is a stitch pattern from one of Barbara Walker's books, 'Background Lace' . It is an interesting pattern with dropped yarn overs on the wrong side, which are the ones that make the lace.

The cast off is crochet cast-off with 5 chains between two anchor stitches. the meeting I did not have a crochet hook...what to do? It was mid afternoon and I was surely going to fall sleep unless I found something to do with my hands. I fiddled and looked at it for a while and figured I could work the crochet with the knitting needles just as knitting one stitch on top of the next.. it worked much to my relief.

Here it is, one stitch right on top of the next, and the next count five, anchor with two stitches from the border and keep going.

I was so entertained with my unvention that I did not notice the tail getting shorter and shorter and shorter.....ooops!

This much was left was quite a scare, I did not want to have to undo all that work on about 400 stitches, plus a couple of rows of the stitch pattern.

I has happened twice in a row. I really hope this does not turn into a pattern!

Pictures of the finished shawl blocked and dry will follow.


fleegle said...

I've done that in emergencies too! Great minds, etc.

Have a lovely Turkey day!

Cheryl S. said...

Glad you didn't have a yarn disaster. Very clever, though!