Saturday, January 15, 2011

Blending and Carding

wool alpaca and silk
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The Wasatch Woolpack Handspinners guild is having a fiber challenge this year again. Each one of us received 8 ounces of natural color (white) wool, alpaca and silk.

My friend S dyed hers and did not like it much, because she wanted it Navy blue. Hers was very similar to the color I wanted for mine. Humm...what if we trade? I had an Indigo dying kit and my fiber was still white .

I dyed mine, and carded it on the Patrick Green carder, pulled roving out and sent it her way.

Here is a picture of what I sent to her:


Here are a couple of videos of the Indigo dying process: Indigo

I was not totally convinced it was going to work, but it did, much to my relief.

She sent hers my way. I just got done blending and carding it. I love the color. Under the light in my studio it looked blue, under day light it looks purple. Either way, I love the color.

I want to spin it and knit a lovely shawl I saw. The challenge is getting the yardage I need. My default yarn is about 700 yds/ 8 oz., there are 8 oz and the pattern calls for 1000 yds. I know I can spin it, I just need a bit of concentration.

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fleegle said...

Oh that is a *pretty* color! Nice job!