Friday, January 07, 2011

Plan D

Should really have been plan A.

For while I have been thinking that the window in my office has a shade that does not allow light in unless it is rolled up. If I roll it up, you can see inside the room. It leaves me at plain sight of whom ever happens to walk by or peek in. Computers, printers, camera, etc, etc. NOT GOOD. A dark room is not an option.

I asked DH to put up a curtain rod, and I would make a curtain soon. I knew I had curtain veil. It so happens that the veil is cut up in strips of 13, 15, 20 inches. I know I brought this from Colombia and I used the original veil to make curtains for my house there. Why do I have such uneven pieces? I have NO clue. It might have been that these are the remnants from the different windows in my former house, who knows. Adding up, even if I seam the strips, there is not enough to cover the window x 2.5 for a proper curtain.....grumble, ditch plan A.

I thought I could add lace strips in between and make an original curtain. Plus I could learn to make fell seams. The lace strips are in some very safe place because I cannot find them....I know I have some, I am sure I do, and they are at least 10 inches wide. With the missing lace, ditch plan B.

Plan C would be to buy fabric and make the drape. BUT I do not want to buy more stuff! I have more than enough as is, ditch plan C.

There is this yarn, also from Colombia, and I have tons of it. At least 4 one kg cones! Well I am going to make the curtain, I am going to knit it on the knitting machine, plan D.

That means it will be a while, in the mean time, I hung and held with clamps a curtain that I knit with the same yarn for the kitchen window in Colombia, not wide enough, added a strip of the fabric to cover up.

It looks UGLY but now they cannot see me from outside. Having this awful fixture hanging in my office will certainly make me hurry up and knit the proper curtain.

Stay tunned!


fleegle said...

You can buy stick-on window frosting. People use it for bathrooms with the same problem as your office.

Cheryl S. said...

I'm sure you'll come up with the right thing. Even if it's plan X.