Sunday, January 30, 2011

It kinda sorta goes together but not really.....

Last year, someone gave me a big bag of roving, among others there was this soft stuff , bits and pieces, not much. I used it to practice long draw. The pictures show the result. I know the colors don't quite go together, just sort off. There is mohair and wool in the mix. It can not be used for warp because it is loosely spun, add the mohair and you will get lots of yarn cuffs! Otherwise it would be ideal for warp for a multicolored, designed on the reed throw.

Orphan yarn

I am going to knit an Helix Scarf with it.

There are 8.8 oz of yarn, guesstimating there should be about 300 yds, maybe a bit more. It should make a nice length scarf for bitter Winter mornings.

I wound individual balls of color for the final decision on the color sequence.

Orphan yarn

If at the end the colors are just too weird together, I will wear one tail on the front and one on the back The person looking at me either from front or back will never know I am wearing a really weird scarf! That or apply the 10 ft rule.

See you later!

ETA: In the pictures on the blog you can only see 5 balls, there are actually 6. If you want to see the complete sequence click on the picture to see it on Flickr. Why do they keep cutting and rotating pictures, I don't know........

ETA just occurred to me that people might think I am knitting this because I am completely out of yarn, LOL! that is NOT the case by any means. I have enough yarn to last me beyond life expectancy. I just want to knit it, that's all.


fleegle said...

Use up those oddballs, I always say!

Cheryl S. said...

I see what you mean about "kinda sorta", but you never know until you actually get them all combined.