Saturday, February 12, 2011

Corridale Fleece Challenge, Multnomah the Finished Piece

Here is what we decided to knit with the yarn from the Corridale Fleece Challenge


It is tiny and cute as a button, if I say so.

I knit the garter stitch part with the yarn I spun, and the lace with the yarn that my friend S spun. In the finished piece, you can barely tell the yarns are a bit different.
We hand washed the locks as Margaret Stove does it, because my friend S had learned from Margaret years ago. The yarn is spun also ala Stove way. If you are interested in spinning Gossamer weight yarns, check out Margaret's video, priceless!

I might just have to get another one of these fleeces at the Maryland S&W festival this year.


The original pattern is from HelloKnitty but other than the setup rows, I did my own thing.
Needles US 4, Addy Lace needles.


Cheryl S. said...


fleegle said...

Cuter than a button, actually!

Anonymous said...

Lovely knitting, Laritza! So delicate and lacy. Thanks for sharing.