Saturday, April 16, 2011

A sample of my handspun yarn

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I was in the process of ordering a new spinning wheel from Alden and Stephanie. They requested a sample of my handspun yarn to help them figure out what the specs of my wheel had to be.
No problem! I have some....I went digging here and there, from a small plastic bag I went to a mesh laundry basket. This does not include the brown and white fleeces, already spun, that are set aside for a blanket. It does not include all the different projects I have made with handspun yarn. It also does not include four 8 oz bobbins sitting waiting to be wound off.
Clearly, I don't need another wheel since the ones I have seem to be doing the job. I don't need more yarn either, at least for a while.


What I really need is to get busy and wind off all this yarn and make things with it.
As a side note, the Helix scarf project I had blogged about failed. I knit a section and the yarn is way too scratchy for a scarf. Its the mohair in the yarn that does it. It will be recycled along with this pile into cloth. It will happen on the loom, you can be sure of that!


fleegle said...

Need is different than want, you know!

Anonymous said...

Laritza, you can never have enough yarn! Your yarns are so nice, they will be great when you weave them into cloth. Mohair is tricky and as you say it's too itchy for a scarf but together with wool can make a nice cloth for a vest or a jacket. Thanks for sharing your fiber experiences and your lovely work.


juniesnn said...

Wow, you do have a lot of yarn. Where in the world do you find the time? You are unbelievably fast. The Energizer Bunny. That is a lot of lovely yarn my love.

Continually am amazed by you.