Monday, October 29, 2012

Wool People, Rhinebeck 2012

Earlier this year my two best friends and I decided to go to Rhinebeck. Good thing it was decided in March, we had a bit of problem finding hotel reservations, and finally settled for one night in one place and one night in another, no big deal. Of course when we realized hotels were taken in March, we wanted to go even more.

The clerk at the hotel asked us if we too were going to the Fiber Show, we said yes, are there others? at what he replied: 'Yes! the whole place is loaded with Wool People!'

They live in Idaho and Utah, and like in previous occasions, on Thursday , they flew in different flights that landed minutes apart. The fun began days before with the review of the vendor list and our own list of 'must see', 'must have', and must eat'.

We left Maryland Friday mid morning, the drive up to Harrisburg was uneventful, there the GPS took us off the main highway, via a little road, quite colorful and fun. I could not figure out why this was happening and thought the radar was avoiding traffic for us. It took a good two extra hours to get there, but the scenery was worth every minute of it. Settled in the hotel, off to dinner we went, the GPS would calculate up to 99% and get stuck, then and only then I checked the settings, it had 'avoid toll roads' checked and the poor thing could not figure out how to get us across Hudson River with its respective toll, and not swim!

After a delightful dinner and window shopping, back to the hotel. I of course woke up at 4:30 am like I have done for the past 8 years or so. This time it served us right, a good cup of coffee, and ready for the road. Our usual breakfast with cheese souffle at Panera Bread, and at the festival doors right before 8 am. We got a great parking spot right by the gate, we were 4th in line for the tickets, it worked out great.

The fun began, Fiber Optic was the first stop, I had not gotten over the lust since MDSW and had showed them pictures of the graded colors roving, of course they too wanted some. Golding booth was next were I had a big disappointment when I discovered that the cute travel wheel is loaded with plastic knobs, plastic ring on the drive wheel, and a metal type flyer.....I will reserve the rest of my comments on this. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings but really? a lovely wood, folding wheel that does not fit in a carry on bag and is loaded with plastic? Oh well!

Then the Bossworth booth to pickup my pre-ordered spindle, which turned out to be missing and maybe left back home? I don't know I don't have my Rhinebeck spindle and I am quite disappointed with that. Hopefully Sheila will find it, or make another, and it will show up along with the other spindle I picked that day. I picked one, but did not bring it home with me, I wanted the Kauri wood spindle....

After that we were pretty much game for whatever came, browsed booths, and colors, and stools, and looms, looked at things we had or had not seen before.

The place was busy but it never felt crowed to me, lots and lots of people but no pushing, no one was grouchy, everyone was in Zen mode. Seriously, people focused on the treasures they wanted, and laughing and sharing with friends. What a wonderful place to go. One of the biggest highlights of the show are the knitters themselves, you see people wearing lovely handmade items, colors everywhere, people wearing their creations with pride. This does not happen at MDSW because May is too warm, but Rhinebeck! talk about a fashion show.

One of my friends found heddles for my Structo loom! what a treasure! I was overjoyed to see them and of course bought a bundle, now I can weave at 40 epi on it. Cutie and wonderful is my little loom.

We laughed and shared, I had a number of people I wanted to meet with, that task became difficult since we overloaded the cell towers and messaging and calls were not going through. I did get to see several of my favorite people and meet in person others that I had only met via the interwebs. It was all fun and plans were made for next May in Maryland. Fun fun fun!

My two friends and I had the most wonderful time ever, the trip was easy, no problems agreeing on what we wanted to do, eat or see. I am blessed with my two wonderful friends/sisters that share with me passion for fiber and love for it all.

The biggest laugh was provided by one of them, she was at a booth looking at a spool of silk thread, she bought it, a stranger close by asked her what she was going to do with it, my friend replied, 'Look at it', and that was it!
Oh I can just see the face of the other person, surprised and shocked! but isn't that what we do with most of our treasures that sometimes turn out to be too pretty to use?

I leave you here with the picture of the silk so you too can 'look at it' and dream of garments and wonderful things.

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fleegle said...

How lovely! Wish I could have joined you!

PS: Everyone in my classes fights over your bowl holder!