Saturday, November 03, 2012

Project Bags

I love bags, and boxes and anything that will hold something else. It seems that I have a bag/box for each thing and a thing for each box/bag. If you have visited my Etsy shop you have seen what I make. I also love embroidery and the embroidery machine. Out of all the embroidered bags I have made, of course there was yet to be one for me.

Most of my bags are my own pattern, adaptations from things I see. But when I saw the 241 tote pattern, I knew it was perfect to embellish with embroidery. I set to make my own version and make my own denim bag from recycled jeans.

It has a magnetic snap inside, I might make another one with pockets inside.

I debated if I wanted embroidery in the back, rubbing against the body might not be the best thing on the embroidery, but we will see. I don't plan to walk miles with it.

I am in finishing mode, you might see more things show up around here soon.


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Ann said...

It's great! I love the style.


Laritza said...

Thanks Ann!