Thursday, January 24, 2013

Slouchy Hat

I have been working on samples for the kids to knit at Knitting Machine program down in Colombia. My 13 yo nephew saw the hats and wanted one in yellow and navy blue. I explained to him the hats were not mine to give away but that I would knit him one to his liking. I handed him a box of cotton/silk blend yarn that I had in stash and left him to decide on colors.
Quite a surprise awaited me when I came back to find him with 5 colors! He said it would look cool....OK....says me....lets do it!

We did the math and he stood by me handing the yarn over in the color order he wanted, and the number of rows that would give the thickness of stripe he wanted.
Here is his creation:

I have to say I love it! Turns out the hat matches his Nike running shoes!


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Pru said...

Good for him. Give him a circular needle next time he visits!

Pru said...

Good for him! Next time he visits give him a circular needle and let him knit one himself.