Sunday, February 03, 2013

Wool Quilting Batts Part 2

Remember the wool batts? I thought about them for a while. What to do, what to do? I don't like the looks of tied quilts and sewing by machine or hand through all the thickness was just not going to happen. It finally struck me! Duvet Covers! Some surfing and soon enough I came up with flannel Duvet covers and with sheep! of all things sheep all over!
I ordered two twin bed size knowing that the batts are lapsize but maybe two would fit in one? or I could always cut them down to fit. Here are the results, excuse the lousy phone pictures and the blur on the second one:

I stretched out one cover on the floor and the two batts on top, perfect fit...sideways but who said they had to go in lengthwise?

The tricky part, or so I thought, was getting them inside with no wrinkles, it was really easy holding the corners of the cover and moving my arms towards the opening:

Here it is! the two lap size batts in one cover folded in four. If they shift, I can always tie them ...I know I said that is what I did not want to do, but a girl can change her mind, we always do. After everything was set and done, I crawled under it on the couch to read and nap for a while. Wonderful!


Pru said...

Very cute Laritza! Duvets shift inside their covers too, you just have an extra piece to straighten out.

Deanna said...

They look so warm, with the weather we have been having that sounds great.

fleegle said...

Won't they felt?