Sunday, January 04, 2015

2015 Press On!

Thanks to long time readers who left comments! It is great to see you guys around here!

I had several days off in a row at the end of December. Determined to get things done around here.
I only have crummy phone pictures but they will have to do, better than nothing.

Off the loom a piece that had been sitting waiting for the last 20 inches for over a year!, I wove it off, twisted the fringe, fulled it in the washer, it came out beautiful! It is for  a dear friend, and will be shipped later this week.

Here is the fringe underway:

Finished spinning and plying some beautiful fiber I got from Fleegle, its called Sea Snail, 540 yds or so out of 5 oz. Not bad at all! I love the colors and the contrast, its Merino and Silk with a bit of sparkly stuff in it. Now to decide what to make with it, for now its yarn.

Also a skein of alpaca wool blend from my alpaca still! The white was spun ages ago. Maybe this one will be one of the yoke sweaters!

I also finished my Denim Mystic pullover. I love the anchors. The sleeves are a bit long, it was tricky because the yarn shrunk 13.56% that was an odd number, I guess I did not measure the shoulder drop correctly and knit the sleeves longer than I should have. Oh well!

I am almost done sewing a cardigan I knit on the machine, its also cotton and there is a question if it will fit me. I 'should' if I believe the swatch but we all know swatches lie, so who knows.

OTN now only a yoke cardigan with handpainted yarn from Dragonfly fibers. The waist shaping decreases are almost complete. I have 5 skeins and three different  dye lots! I hope it somehow looks decent. We'll see!

I also have 4 spinning projects going, more of the alpaca wool blend, another brown fleece, some lovely BFL in white, and Merino?Silk on the spindles!

Here is more!
A Color Play scarf knit with two strands of Kid Silk.

Talk to you later!

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