Tuesday, January 06, 2015


I love MDSW, it is my favorite weekend of the year. I  have been there every year since I moved to Maryland, I will continue to go as long as I am able.
A couple of years ago I purchased 8 oz of beautiful Merino Silk blend processed by a gentleman who was undergoing cancer treatment. I do not know his name and would not post it even if I knew. The fiber was so soft and shinny and beautiful I had a real hard time buying only one bag. I stuck to 8 oz.
Immediately that day I stared spinning it on the drop spindles, today I finished winding the first singles ball.
Oh I have spun lots on supported spindles and the wheels since then, but this fiber and the spindles are so magical that I reserve it for peaceful 'thinking' moments when I am alone and can enjoy the process to its extent.
The rest of the fiber is in faux rolag form already, the spindles are naked and the process continues. Maybe another couple of years? who knows, the yarn is so thin I can't help but wonder how many yards of two ply I will end up with. It will become yarn, then someday it will transform into something else knitted or not.

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Valerie said...

Lovely yarn and sentiments!
I know exactly what you mean. Santa brought me 8 oz. of yak/ silk to spin.