Monday, August 14, 2006

7th of the Batch

I finished the Rosebud Shawl. A pattern from Sharon Miller . With this one it is 7 lace shawls in a little over year! Here is the list:

The first one started in May 2005: Lyra s Niebling pattern. I knit it as the moderator for the Lyra Learning Group from the knitted-lace list.
Kiri with handspun, handpainted, yarn for my spinning guild exchange.
The Sheep Shawl a Fibertrends pattern.
One of my original designs, a lace wrap with beaded yarn. Picture later.
Shetland Cameron Shawl
Shetland Rosebud Shawl

That is quite a bit! I thought I was shawled out but then I found the Forest Path Stole in the WIP basket. I started it last year right before I was to commissionedto knit the wrap with beaded yarn. Life and the WRS got in the way and I forgot about it!. I picked it up last night and knew inmediately why I had chosen the pattern. I am on the 4th tier and there are 23 of them. I will get it done. I do not like UFOs and this is the only one I have around here.
Once that one is done I think I'll have to change the topic and knit some socks and an Aran sweater for which I am spinning the yarn.


Silverthyme said...

I don't know how you finish things so quickly! The Rosebud is Beautiful - and I am so jealous of the WRS - maybe some day mine will get done ...

V said...

Beautiful Shawls! Doesn't it feel great to get some things finished. Course I wouldn't know about how that feels. "grumble grumble to many UFO's around" Anyway the shawl's are stunning!

Splindarella said...

This is just stunning! I'm *very* impressed.

Monica said...

Thanks for your comment. Yup, it's a PG!

Your shawls are just stunning!